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M.Sani Art Gallery's

Vendors Market

Starting in October, M.Sani has decided to expand the gallery to other local artists from all walks of life! There is so much talent condensed  in New Orleans we just had to let ya'll know! Let us introduce some of our artists (more to come) in the gallery! 



 To get the full experience you will have to come to the gallery and see for yourself though!

Cary Chun Lee

     Cary Chun Lee (Chun Lee) is a Hong Kong born painter. Lee, his wife Felicia and their little dog Pepper live and work near New Orleans. His paintings are fun, humorous, and vibrant in color.  He takes inspiration from nature, animal, and New Orleans’ culture.  To Lee, painting is a never ending journey of learning and exploring.

Barry-Daoyuan Ma

       Barry Dauyuan Ma, born in Shanghai China, has loved art since he was a small child. Having attended Art Specialty Schools from a very young age, he earned a bachelors degree at Shanghai Normal University as well as a Masters in Fine Art at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, IL. Barry has won top awards in Nation Art Competitions in China, and is extremely well known throughout the country.

      While in China he was an associate professor teaching architectural drawing in shanghai Tong Ji University. During visits to New Orleans, recognized the unique culture of the city and that realization inspired him to move to New Orleans and create the artworks which reflect the culture, lifestyle, and unique character of the French Quarter.

           Barry is proud to live and raise his family in one of the world's most fascinating cities, New Orleans!

Brandy DuFrene

Born South of New Orleans, in Louisiana’s sleepy bayou country, Brandy developed a deep love of the natural environment. An interest in the grace and beauty of age, life’s imperfections, and an appreciation of the underdog began early on. It has matured into a fascination with all subjects overlooked and neglected.

Although photography was her first interest, illustration and natural dye art have taken center stage.  Inspired by nature and New Orleans’ Live Oaks, She explores movement, strength,  and emotion through the human form.

She creates art in the hopes that it will speak to people of all backgrounds and connect with those in the shadows.  Art can heal, it can inspire, and it can provide advocacy for those who deserve a voice; the real life superheroes whose song is unsung.

Chandra Leming

Self taught artist, and self proclaimed trashwitch, Chandra has been creating art since the dawn of her existence. Currently focused in illustrative and mixed media pieces, employing the use of imagination and recycled materials, each piece is unique in its own right, with the commonality of Chandra's vision for bringing interesting characters and her own vivid thoughts to a visual plane. 

Tugba Tetik

Tugba was born in Turkey. She is a self taught artist. Her art works are mostly digital, she also works on acrylic and charcoal. Tugba’s inspiration is dark themed women portraits with multiple light sources. She loves to work on women portraits with different facial and emotional expressions.

She explores every field of art, she sees human body as a canvas and learns tattooing . Her passion is improving her artistic knowledge to have new visionaries for the future art works. 

Judy Tunnard

         A multi-medium artist, painting in Jackson square. She graduated with a fine arts degree in painting and drawing from LSU in 1987. Her mediums include oil, acrylics, and encaustic. Her favorite choices of ground are recycled windows, old slate and oyster shells. Each of her paintings are an original piece of art with no two alike.  Many of her pieces are inspired by nature wild life, people, animals and the city of New Orleans.  Judy enjoys creating art with repurposed jewelry and treasures found on the bayou.