Little Artists

"Little Artists" is a Free Art Program Msaniart Gallery hosts twice a month, where children generally from ages 5-12 (but all ages are welcomed) can come and paint with Msani. These 2 hour sessions offer children to paint up to two pieces. One piece to take home and the other to be featured in the Gallery for a month. If these paintings are sold, 50%  of the profit goes to the child and the other 50% goes to supporting the program.  


Each session starts with prep time where we put the children in aprons, set up a table with their canvases and paint palettes. We then give the children a theme to paint to. We have found that the children learn best from demostration, this not only includes instruction from Msani but they also learn amongst each other. Every session is monitored by at least 2 Staff Members. Parents have the choice to stick around and watch.  Snacks are provided throughout the session. After the children are done with their paintings we turn on some family friendly dance music and let them dance until their tuckered out (or until their parents come to pick them up).




 We are now including artists of various genres at each session.In the past we had poets, musicians and in our recent session June 19th we featured make-up Artist Nancy the MUA.The children were very creative with their paintings.We have reached out to more artists and will posting what we are planning when firm up their commitments.


On July 17th Kira  Sullivan will be teaching children about the color wheel and how to use colors in paintings for the effect they want.

Please check back often or go to our facebook

page to see what  even we are planning. 



These classes are advertised as free, and are meant to be as so, so donations of any size are certainly welcomed in order to keep the program running indefinitely!
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