The painting title is "Storyteller 2" come framed size:29"x39" and is ready to hang. When the sun go to sleep and the moon shining down, a drum may serve as an instrument of communications to bring people around the fire,or particular place choosing for storytelling. children are ready to enjoy a new adventure,with music and dancing and song! The listener will be traveling trough nature and his habitat. There were other stories the people loved to hear over and over. Some stories were about the history of the tribe. Some were about great wars and battles. Some were about everyday life and animals are always been part the storytelling where people can find moral and the end of the story so people can learn . Africa have been longtime passing history through oral tradition. Storyteller was an important persona that every village keep the one the have in a precious manner.Telling history give the storyteller the privilege to avoid working on the fields and sometimes is been passed from member of the same family. Because they have been keep that way we can still get same history that have been told thousands years.

Storyteller 2

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