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W. L. Griffin




Wade Griffin is a born and raised New Orleans artist, in every sense of the word.

The son of a carpenter, he learned the trade of woodworking as a child, a tool he now uses to frame his paintings.

He is also a musician; It's his love of music and New Orleans that's woven into everything he creates


Wade is a survivor. He grew up and continues to resides in Central City, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the city. it's where he and his wife is raising their young daughter. Yes, he says he sees the crime, the drugs and the prostitution but the brighter side of life there is what keeps them there--the resilient people, the family, the roots that ran far deeper than any criminal vein.


Sadly, Wade lost his home in Katrina. But what the storm swept away he rebuilt with his own hands--literally--every shutter, every baseboard, every wall, inside and out. And once he was done renovating his home, he started renovating others, but instead of discarding the remnants, he saved them, recognizing the link they represent between New Orleans's past and it's rebirth. It is from the scraps of the storm, he created the frames of his artwork.

Wade's first love was music. It's what defined his youth and how he made his living as an adult.

However, when robbers broke into their home and looted his studio taking every instrument and every piece of equipment, it was his young daughter who inspired him to do something he hadn't done in years. If music was Wade's first love, painting was his enduring love. And so with brush in hand and canvas in reach, he started painting what made him happy: New Orleans music scenes and scenery. At first the images decorated his home, but now they're proudly displayed in homes and restaurants across the city and across the world.

Wade hopes you'll be inspired by the colorful images framed in tangible hope.

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